Tech spring cleaning

Benefits of cleaning your tech devices in this new season.

Spring seems to be the natural time to revitalise and refresh your environment. And as we take this time to pack away the heavy winter blankets and dust-off surfaces, it’s worth giving your gadgets a spring clean both inside and out.

Namibia can be especially windy in the August/September months, and it feels like there’s dust on almost any surface even right after wiping. It’s common that over time this dust can clog up computer fans, wedge its way into our phone’s charging ports and overheat our gaming consoles.

Routine maintenance wiping of your gadgets would drastically increase their lifespan. And relatively speaking, it’s a lot cheaper than waiting years for the machine to start malfunctioning before taking it in for repairs.

But as much as our gadgets need a physical spring clean, it’s definitely worth taking the time to do a software spring clean. Archive your documents. Empty your e-bin. Update your various software packages. All this and more goes a long way to clearing up your digital environment. It makes work feel a little lighter, more manageable and improves efficiency.

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