Make payments faster with the MTC website and the MyMTC app.

Today, the more options you have to get something done quick and easy, the better. As many of us are trying to avoid moving around too much as a COVID-19 preventative measure, it is preferable to make payments from the safety of our homes.

That is why MTC is innovating its online payment services to allow any MTC client with a banking service to transact without having to go to a MobileHome or retailer. Clients are now able to make invoice payments; pre-payments; recharge/ top-up their Aweh (excluding Aweh O-Yeah); turbo boost any existing package; and more.

The payment platforms simplify and take the challenge out of paying for certain MTC services with the robust website and MyMTC app that are so easy to use. It is like a virtual MobileHome from the comfort of your own home.

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